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Force-Free, Science-Based Training

Congratulations! You have just made a great choice in furthering your knowledge of your beloved pet! Together we can resolve those un wanted behaviours and fine tune the behaviours you require from your furry friends. 

Ensuring that we have a healthy life long relationship with our pets is essential, It maximises the quality of time we spend with them, however, we need the correct tools and knowledge to put this into practice.

Im here to help!  I have been studying animals since my toddler years, im not sure of a day I wasnt in the garden feeding the fish, watching them they swim, collecting insects or training our beloved canine. Therefore this isnt a new venture for me, or something of a change, this is a life long learning experience which has gained me heaps of useful knowledge along with my studied diplomas and 2 degrees in Animals Practices. The last degree I completed was a BSC honoury degree in Applied Animal Science, and before that a FDSC in Animal Management and Behaviour, before these? well the list continutes... 

I spent most of my early years lecturing at one of the UK's leading agricultural colleges and before that assisting the much loved Vets at Norwood Veterinary Surgery which was founded in 1954 by John Crooks whom came from the Famous James Herriot Vets with a medicine bottle of skeldale air to infuse the athmosphere of his new practice. The air was a great touch and the Veterinary practice to this day is very well established yet still has the warm loving family feel you would expect of an animal healing centre. Prior to this yet again the list continues ...  

I now look forward to serving you by sharing my knowledge and understanding on how to better look after, train or develop the most from your beloved pets...

Kirsty xx

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